Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6 Winter Story - Snail Bob Winter Warsong 6 stimulation staged, Bob tells the story of war hamster to save their loved ones. 2013 Christmas warm season, filled with hope Bob all night, waited at home waiting for the chimney Santa Claus lovely cast precious gift once a year, but when Bob got this gift when they no surprise only frightened, it was a letter saying my grandfather was a forest snail hunters to hamsters captured, but also Bob took him through to the last Egyptian lamp exchange grandfather. May TDP since the last crossing was sealed, and a TDP of not only themselves alone, Bob embarked on the journey to save Grandpa ...... uh, forgot there is a small partner Mr. Bob ants. Mouse click triggers agencies and related operations, turn around and control the number keys 1, 2 numeric keys control the speed of Bob, Bob spacebar or mouse click control to stop action / forward, R key to re-play.