Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob 5 Love Story Hacked - Snail Bob 5 election off version, press 3 to enter the next level. Small Snail Bob last trip into space is really thrilling and exciting, safe home, it now seems bored did all right, life is not the driving force, but suddenly one day I saw it wandering a poster above female star was captivated fans what put it, Cupid's arrows that moment wore it's heart, Bob decided to declare her whereabouts, it carefully dressed himself, has experienced so much suffering that it does not fear before danger, finding love road trips immediately open Mouse click triggers agencies and related operations, turn around and control the number keys 1, 2 numeric keys control the speed of Bob, Bob spacebar or mouse click control to stop action / forward, R key to re-play. Select Off Edition: press 3 to enter the next level.