Civilizations Wars

Civilizations Wars 2 Prime - Ancient civilization War 2, this well-made strategy war game is finally on the line in the long-awaited game in continuous improvement, a few compared to the previous, even more mature style, every soldier, every a city each head monsters are carefully crafted, very carefully. Also used a different version of the story, the story background also occurred in ancient times, when your country is prosperous development, and there was one day protect the country and the Master are taking a break when the sky came a sound, there is a mysterious voice told Master, must find a successor in the near future, otherwise the country will be destroyed, and this is the successor to the princess Western Union countries. In order to be able to continue to grow the country, war seems inevitable, but how they put soldiers lineup evil brainer, under the leadership of the Master, the war could victory? Tap and hold the mouse to drag your enemies or abandoned house house, it will send troops to the occupation. Use the number keys 0 to 9 skills needed cooling time.