Angry Gran Run Christmas Village

Angry Gran Run Christmas Village - New game scene magical Christmas village world, playing 12 days of Christmas activities can unlock new content, new roles delicious gingerbread man snowman warm heart, improves the original apparel, enhanced graphics and brightness of conventional repair and graphics improvements. What are you waiting for? Come 4399 the most fun to play the latest games. There is such an angry grandmother is easily the forefront of things like fashion, even if he's older, but she is still very optimistic. This time, she became obsessed with the recent fire parkour game, crazy Ever since she started playing the game. Fast, and we went together to see the game playing Parkour grandmother now! The game uses A, D keys or Z, X keys to move around, ↓ keys glide, ↑ key to jump, arrow keys ← → around the corner. Spacebar to open the wings.